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Energy Smart Programs offered to Bay City Customers


Commercial & Industrial Prescriptive and Custom Incentives

The prescriptive program offers incentives when replacing inefficient equipment with high efficiency technologies on a one-for-one basis. Most prescriptive energy-efficiency projects must receive written pre-approval before the project is initiated. Please see the application below for details. In order to ensure funding is available for your project, written pre-approval is recommended for all projects.

Energy efficiency improvements that are not included in the prescriptive portion of the incentive application may qualify for custom incentives. Download the incentive application below and see the Custom page (page 10) for details. Custom incentives must receive written pre-approval before the project is initiated.

For any questions you have on your project or the application, please call the program office at 877-674-7281.

Bay City Incentive Application (Fillable PDF)


Small Business Customers

Small Business customers interested in free installations of energy saving measures such as CFLs, LEDs, pre-rinse sprayers or LED exits signs please call 877-674-7281 for additional information.

For residential energy efficiency programs offered by Bay City Electric, Light & Power, visit:  http://www.baycitymi.org/296/Energy-Smart-Program